Pet Portraits / Custom Art

Would you love to have a custom portrait of your pet? I love painting dogs, cats, frogs, you name it! I will create a unique and customized painting of any animal friend that you have at a reasonable price, nothing is too exotic! Personal touches like lighting, a unique setting, even clothing are no problem. Please email me at with any questions or requests.

Athena  bonhamlucy    Ted

Dachshund  rosie

Speechless   chicken

chefPenny 2  Penny bulldogs    IMG_0219 Maddy   Space Toby 

space boston  Hurley  The Frenchman  mollypainting

Bred to Ride    The Amphibian  Bonnie

Sid and Bean, final pieces and photo references –

Sid and Bean  Sid and Bean photo reference

Gidget’s photo with customized old-timey treatment

Gidget photo reference  Gidget

Custom paintings are available for anything you would like, not just animals. Houses, cars, or any other item that means a lot to you could be easily immortalized. There is also your favorite movie scene, musician, literary figure, historical monument… There are no limits!

Guard Pig  The Lakehouse

Joel - It Stinks! Reggie Watts


A couple of rural houses, personal heroes Joel Robinson and Reggie Watts, and a commissioned painting of H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthuhlu.


2 Responses to “Pet Portraits / Custom Art”

  1. Anita Green Says:

    I am interested in having a painting done of our cat Riley. I like the lifelike images you have for dogs.

    Could you give me a ballpark on pricing please?

    Best regards,

  2. Absolutely amazing stuff! Quirky, unique – love this stuff

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