Paintings / Illustration

Hover over an image for the title. Here are a few newer pieces-

Robbing Souls Henry Mid-Century Monster

Post Terrestrial Monsters From Mars Large Marge Simpson

Bossk Archie Luke Zeppelin

Abominable Technicolor Pachyderm Max

Gelato Perfect Organism Tunnel Vision (novel cover)

Pi and Chewie  Oh, hi there...

Greetings, Fellow Traveler!  Amigo - Little Cliffs (album cover)


The View from the Top  Nature Spa  Startled in the Scrapyard  The View from the Grass  Night Vision

Night Lights The Night I Realized Everything Penny Molly

Stargazing       The Frenchman        Speechless

Hurley           Bonnie              Gidget

Dachshund   Penny_2   Ted

Sid and Bean

Belly Pets The Amphibian Big Frog in a Small Pond Space Toby  The Broadcastor   Baxter Pandas         

Toads         The New Exhibit

Under space        Spumoni the Frog


Film, Music, etc.

Godzilla 54    Godzilla 64   Godzilla 84

Godzilla 84 yellow   Godzilla 84 (3)    Sparky

Gojira     Large Marge     Aaack!

Zissou                                                 Venkman

Carol Anne's Room                 Frank's Joyride

Cthulhu                           Ooze Baptism

Halloweenie             Rural Texas at Dawn

The Gillman     The Lagoon     It is happening again...

repo man's always intense   Beach Party Crasher

Henry gets the Paper    Joel - It Stinks!     Reggie Watts




The Explorer Welcoming Committee The Frog's Friend   Where to?  Destination Getaway

     Primate       Sedimentary

Success   Felton St.

High Speeds in the Deep Seas                     The Four Riders of the Apocalypse

Bred to Ride        






mt woodson daytime  mt woodson nighttime


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