Designs / Logos

Uniform Victor album cover concept Uniform Victor album cover concept 2

Ween PosterWeen Poster 2 SMPTE color test chair

Dreamboat Monsters From Mars "Toxic"

Fender redesign concept Fender final box Aaron's Spirit Animal bass drum head

The Horror Channel Home Depot ad concept

Vancouver Frozen Yogurt & Fruit Dip Morena Sign

CA flag (canvas mounted in bass drum rim)

CERTWestwood 2007 AquaticsGibbly's Olde English PubThe More the TerrierDancing After SchoolNatasha Perez HomesBad DadSister Mary Challenger

Monsters From MarsMonsters From Mars symbolUniform Victor


One Response to “Designs / Logos”

  1. Paul B. Allen IV Says:

    I like your designs. Very professional.

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