Art by Paul Naylor


Welcome to my website! My name is Paul Naylor, I’m an illustrator/designer living in San Diego, where I’ve been my whole life.  I have been drawing since I was three, and currently specialize in acrylic paintings / illustration, and also enjoy logo and general design. Recently, I have been painting a lot of commissioned pet portraits and other custom pieces. I have a Bachelor’s Degree from the Art Institute of San Diego in graphic design. In addition to design and illustration, I have been speed-painting for several years. I’ve been lucky enough to perform and educate for audiences at the San Diego Zoo, Downtown Disney, and many other events around the US. I currently work with my friends and mentors at Launch Live Art, where I paint, perform, and have even played live percussion.

I was drawn to graphic design because I was intrigued by the idea of using typography artistically, and I’ve always loved art associated with underground music and film, especially from decades past where emphasis was heavy on hand-rendering. I also play drums in a couple local bands, and love when visual art and music can be combined. I am always adding new pieces to my portfolio, and have really been enjoying experimenting with drastic lighting/colors and surreal or exaggerated landscapes/scenes. I feel that humor and creepiness can work very well together, and I’m always striving to find a good mix. Big influences on my art include a long love of animals, old horror and sci-fi movies, vast natural landscapes (especially Yosemite), Godzilla, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Mid-Century Modern design, and music. Please feel free to contact me at with any questions or leave a comment. Enjoy the site!

under space

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